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LOCKnFOLD Dental Dam Frame - Pack of 3 Frames
LOCKnFOLD Dental Dam Frame - Pack of 3 Frames

LOCKnFOLD Dental Dam Frame - Pack of 3 Frames

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The innovative LocknFold dental dam (rubber dam) frame has a lock and fold feature to allow practitioners to take radiographs without removing the dental dam and frame.

Keeping the dental dam orientated and stretched in place has multiple advantages:

  • It prevents tooth contamination during the radiograph procedure.
  • It can prevent accidental inhalation or aspiration of the endodontic files as a loose dam risks dislodgement.
  • It prevents accidental extrusion of files as patients are more inclined to close their mouths on a loose dam than a stretched dam.  Extrusion of files will result in periradicular injury, damage to the apical foramen, and increase the risk of extrusion irrigants, medicaments and sealers.
  • It saves time. There is no need to reorientate and reconnect the dental dam

The plastic and U shape design has multiple advantages

  • The plastic is radiolucent. Therefore, the clamp will not impede diagnostic accuracy, unlike metal frames, which are radiopaque.
  • The U shape, rather than the O shape of some dental dam frames, is more comfortable for patients as there is no plastic or prongs pushing into the patient's face.

Each pack contains 3 frames.  A single pack is perfect for each dental chair at general practices, paediatric practices, prosthodontic practices and endodontic practices.

Please see the video to see how LocknFold can work in your practice.


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