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The original TFRK (The File Removal Kit)- PlanB Dental

The original TFRK (The File Removal Kit)- PlanB Dental

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The TFRK can only be used in Australia for pre-clinical training. Ie. It is not for use on live patients. If you would like to remove broken files on live patients, please see our Terauchi File Removal Kit (Woodpecker) in our catalogue.

Retrieving separated endodontic instruments is considered one of the most difficult endodontic procedures. For those trained in file retrieval, this procedure can be performed with predictability using The File Retrieval Kit (TFRK). The kit consists of minimally invasive instruments used to remove broken endodontic file segments.

Endodontic success heavily depends on the clinician's ability to chemo-mechanically prepare to the apical foramen while preserving dentine. Use this kit to never fear broken files.

The current DE Labs cost as of 15 March 2020 is 995 USD. The "Compare at price" is the potential cost if you bought this single item direct from the supplier with the cost of international postage, exchange rate, transaction fees and taxes.

Please note there are TWO types of ultrasonic tips. Please ensure you have the correct tip-type before you make your order 

Please click here for TFRK instruction manual.

Ultrasonic Connection Options TFRK-SET or TFRK-EMS
Ultrasonic Compatibility: TFRK-SET Satelec, Acteon, Vista P5, NSK, Sybron Endo, Kerr, Obtura Spartan, Adec, J. Morita, Dentsply/Tulsa, Hu-Friedy (S Series), EIE2
Ultrasonic Compatibility: TFRK-EMS Parkell, EMS, Dentamerica, Hu-Friedy (E Series), Bonart
Tip Diameter: Modified #3 Gates Glidden Bur 0.45 mm
Maximum Diameter: Modified #3 Gates Glidden Bur 0.9 mm
Output Power: Modified #3 Gates Glidden Bur 1000 RPM
Outer Diameter: Microtrephine Bur #5 0.6 mm
Inner Diameter: Microtrephine Bur #5 0.45 mm
Output Power: Microtrephine Bur #5 600 RPM
Output Power: Ultrasonic Tip - Straight 0.022 Watts
Output Power: Ultrasonic Tip - 6 O'clock 0.046 Watts
Output Power: Ultrasonic Tip - 12 O'clock 0.056 Watts
Sterilization Max Temperature: Autoclavable Cassette 135 Celsius

Product code: TFRK